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The origin of the Narh-Bita College, establish in the year 2008, can be traced to Narh-Bita Clinic which was opened in 1979. As the clinic developed to take on greater responsibilities, it was up-graded to the status of a hospital and named the Narh-Bita Hospital Ltd. in 1987. The problem of shortage of health-workers, including nurses, moved the proprietors of the hospital to establish a School of Nursing to feed Narh-Bita and other health institutions.  

The academic programme of the School is directed and supervised by the Nurses' and Midwives' Council for Ghana, while the University of Ghana is the mentor University. The need to run more programmes in the health sector caused the change of name from School of Nursing to Narh-Bita College. The School of Nursing continues to function as a component part of the College. Under the umbrella of the College, the following programmes are featured:      
*        Registered General Nursing (Diploma),
*        Medical Laboratory Technology (Diploma),
*        Medical Laboratory Technician (Certificate),
*        Physician Assistantship  (Diploma),
*        Health Assistant Clinical  (HAC), (Certificate).
The College has satisfied the operational conditions and therefore has been duly registered and accredited by the Registrar General's Department and the National Accreditation Board respectively.
Genealogically, the Clinic gave birth to the Hospital out of which came the School of Nursing, then finally the College emerged as a "great-grand child" of the Clinic. Analysing the whole matter it can be said that the desire to help solve the problem of shortage of health workers is the reason for the establishment of the College. It is interesting to note that the various phases in the development of the institutions are the brain-child of Dr. and Mrs. Narh and a few well-wishers, who always assert that the innovations are the outcome of divine inspiration.
The College has able administrators, hard-working staff, both teaching and non-teaching, an up-to date library, a computer laboratory and adequate equipment. Available facilities at the College enhance teaching and learning, as students also enjoy opportunities that promote successful training career.

Our Mission

The College shall, in pursuance of its aims and objectives:
a.      Provide a tertiary education that ·assures a training that turns out professionals, who are responsive to the needs of national development.
b.      Initiate programmes that will address the mastering of prevailing health, social and economic problems.
c.      Co-operate with local and/or international organisations or institutions, who up-hold its objectives.
d.      Offer programmes of study leading to diplomas and certificates initially, until efforts are made to expand the scope to incorporate degree programmes.


To be an internationally recognised Tertiary institution and Centre of Excellence in Teaching, Training, Research and Service in all fields of health care delivery.

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Programmes Overview

Under the umbrella of the College, the following programmes are featured:

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Address: Community 4, Tema, Ghana.
Telephone: +233-303-206563
FAX: +233-303-206563
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E-mail: college@narhbita.com.gh